Sight Glass

We are designed for installation on commercial refrigerating systems and on civil and industrial conditioning plants.

The moisture / liquid indicators consist of the sensitive element as a ring , which changes color passing from green to yellow according to the percentage of moisture in the system

At the start up the color of the sensitive element may be yellow , due to exposure to air humidity and to moisture in the circuit.

When the moisture of the refrigerant is brought back to acceptable levels with the dehydrator,the indicator color is once again green.

This is evidence that equilibrium has been re-stablished. In case of persisting yellow, measures have to be taken to eliminate moisture only when the sensitive element comes back to green, there is evidence that adopted measures were effective. About 12 hours of system operation are required to achieve equilibrinm.

However, he moisture indication is given normally when the plant is in function and the fluid is flowing.

The brazing of indicators with solder connetions should be carried out with care, using a low melting point filler material.


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